Grozny Today

Today’s Grozny is a dynamically developing capital that combines the achievements of modern architecture with the careful preservation of historically significant architectural buildings that adorn the capital of the Chechen Republic.





Degree of Honor UN


Best city CIS


International terminal

The capital of the Chechen Republic was restored thanks to, above all, the amazing work of the people of the Republic, the serious support of the federal center, the outstanding organizational skills of the Head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Akhmatovich Kadyrov, his tirelessness and decisive actions.

Today, the entire infrastructure has been restored in Grozny, and a large number of social facilities have been rebuilt for: health care, education, culture, sports facilities, i.e. Thousands of people who lost their homes and property during the two wars have received new housing.

All social and public services have been restored, all conditions have been created for a normal and humane life.

The capital of the Chechen Republic has regained its former beauty and significance: parks have become green. There are tall apartment buildings instead of ruin.

A sign of recognition of Grozny’s success in building a peaceful life and sustainable development is a series of awards that were awarded to Grozny.

These are “The Best City of the CIS”, “The Best Municipality of Russia”, the UN honorary diploma “Post-Conflict Reconstruction” (2009, Washington), Grozny-City of Military Glory.

in the Chechen capital:

Heart of Chechnya

International Airport 'Grozny'

Memorial complex "Walk of Fame" and the Museum. A.A. Kadyrov;

National Museum of the Chechen Republic

Grozny Sea

Republican Library